Grassroots Drilling is delighted to offer the eSPT, a groundbreaking electronic Standard Penetration Test system.

What is eSPT?

Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is a straightforward and economic testing procedure popular in geotechnical investigation to determine the relative density and angle of shearing resistance of unconsolidated soils as well as the durability of stiff cohesive soils. 

Crafted by expert engineers, the eSPT is a digitally controlled method of SPT, ensuring consistently accurate data.

eSPT Advantages


Online, real-time access

The eSPT transmits information to desktop or mobile devices through a secure data portal, providing drilling assessment ability in real time. The eSPT enables easy uploading of rich data – including photos and pdfs – allowing for a comprehensive and error-free site record.


Quality data resolutions

eSPT offers outstanding SPT data resolution, providing detailed evaluation of the soils. Hammer energy and blows-per-inch data is additionally accessible.


Reliable and accurate

Outcomes from traditional hammers often differ considerably due to inconsistent hammer drop heights, unreliable counting and non-standard energy deliver. The eSPT provides an unmatched level of dependability and precision.

How Do I Know I Need eSPT?

Geotechnical management
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Unlike any other system in the industry, the eSPT system allows geotechnical engineers to reliably obtain in-situ SPT data that can demonstratively meet industry regulations.

Ensure standard compliance
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After the completion of each test, results are uploaded for online review, offering project managers rapid and comprehensive project awareness and supporting real-time management of drilling operations. Tests are conducted automatically and include all features of regulations into the system logic, allowing adherence to industry regulations to be easily verified during and after the tests.

Reduce operational costs
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The eSPT system provides additional advantages for the geotechnical project manager, who may analyse real-time data from the site from their mobile or desktop devices. Archived data is also easily accessible. This ease of use combined with rapid data delivery saves valuable time and money on operations, reducing your bottom line.

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