Hollow Stem

Require drilling in unstable formations without the introduction of fluids? Our hollow stem augers will get the job done.

What is Hollow Stem Drilling?

Increasingly stringent environmental drilling standards require wells to be drilled without the introduction of fluids. Hollow stem augers may be used in these unstable formations where solid stem drilling would be ineffective.

This type of drilling is similar to solid stem, although the Claw Bit is attached to a hollow stem rather than a solid one. Once the borehole reaches the desired depth, the hollow stem serves as a short-term casing, preventing the sides of the bore hole from collapsing. Crew members may collect samples through the hollow stem or avail it in establishing a groundwater monitoring well.

Hollow Stem Key Benefits


Rapid drilling

This method of drilling allows for rapid drilling through sands, silts and clays. Our auger fleets offer multiple applications on a single job. 



Hollow stem auger is an economic drilling method with high efficiency in setting reasonably shallow wells in unconsolidated materials.


Easy sampling

Unlike solid stem drilling, this method allows for uncontaminated sampling in formations of unconsolidated soils.

How Do I Know I Need Hollow Stem?

Environmental Sampling
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Hollow stem drilling is ideal for environmental sampling as no additives are used during the drilling procedure, eradicating down-hole contamination of samples by fluids.

Well Installation
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Hollow stem augers preserve borehole integrity and facilitate installation of monitoring wells.

Geotechnical Exploration
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Hollow stem drilling is a reliable and established geotechnical exploration method. In unconsolidated formations, this type of drilling is ideal for soil and rock sampling or subsurface instrumentation.

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