Limited Access Sonic

Don’t allow your environment to dictate the efficiency of your drilling operation. Our fleet of sonic drilling rigs are versatile and durable, making any job possible.

What is Limited Access Sonic?

Limited access, otherwise known as restricted access, is distinguished by a range of terrain, ventilation, spatial or other operational limitations which require specific drill rig adaptations in the field. Limited access difficulties are encountered in a number of different drilling environments ranging from urban settings to rural areas or marine job sites.

Our sonic drilling rigs allow for smooth operation in these kinds of environments, ensuring any job – from well drilling to soil testing – is completed with efficiency and accuracy.

Limited Access Sonic Key Benefits



We offer compact drilling rigs narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.  In even further confined spaces, the use of a low clearance cylinder can assist with operations. These rigs are capable of lateral movement, allowing for probe offsetting without moving the rig. Compact enough to work in restricted spaces yet robust enough to tackle challenging terrain, our compact sonic rigs are an excellent choice for space limited drilling.



Our ultra-lightweight rig is ideal for transportation through narrow doorways or into small spaces. This rig can be folded and manually carried or lifted into difficult-to-reach terrain. Achieve maximum power with minimum footprint.



Our full suite contains highly maneuverable rigs for any type of challenge. With multiple options for geotechnical and well drilling, drilling into bedrock or any type of unconsolidated material for continuous soil sampling is possible. Contact us today to learn more about our sonic drill rig options.

How Do I Know I Need Sonic Drilling?

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Sonic may help ensure the quality and reliability of your core samples, allowing for less than 2% borehole deviation. Sonic drilling helps to address some of the problems with conventional drilling methods, including poor recovery, inefficiency, inability to penetrate, and alignment issues. Ground improvements, investigation, instrument installation and infrastructure are all excellent applications.

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Within the environmental market, sonic provides advantages for investigation, remediation and well installation. Considered a safer, more stable drilling method than others, sonic is also relatively clean, offering very little surfacing of contaminants. For grout curtains, both high mobility and low mobility grouting is possible using sonic.

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Within the mining industry, sonic drilling is used in activities such as exploration, tailings, dumps, and leach-pad drilling. This method of drilling provides a sixty to seventy percent reduction in waste compared to hollow stem auger.

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Hydrogeological evaluations along with well and piezometer installations may be optimized with sonic drilling. An overall quicker, cleaner and safer method, sonic allows for high quality water samples and multiple sampling programs within one drill.

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