Don’t let unforeseen circumstances slow down your drilling progress. Drill through rock strata, boulders and other obstructions with ease.

What is ODEX?

Unanticipated obstacles are inevitable in drilling projects. When using methods such as churn drilling, rotary drilling, diamond drilling and percussion drilling, it is common to encounter obstructions. Other types of issues may arise as well – if two wells are located in close proximity to one another, this can result in other types of drilling problems due to different geological conditions.

ODEX, or “Overburden Drilling EXcentric”, drilling helps to address various drilling-related difficulties. This method is one of the newest technological advancements in the industry, well-received in underground drilling projects where obstructions are frequent. Odex drilling is crucial when drilling faces boulders or rock strata and dense penetration is necessary.

ODEX Advantages



ODEX parts are strong and durable, unlike fragile pieces used in other drilling methods. This fortitude means less maintenance, saving overhead on operational costs.



ODEX drilling conducts any type of overburden drilling without deviation. Its drill bits keep the casing aligned, resulting in linear holes.



ODEX drilling requires a minimum number of parts compared to other drilling methods. Other designs have numerous components including reamer bits, steel balls, spring pins, pilot bits, and set screws, among others. These parts are typically highly priced and expensive to repair.

How Do I Know I Need ODEX?

Unnconsolidated or cobbly formations
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With its hammering system, ODEX drilling is much better suited compared to auger drilling for uncosolidated or cobbly formations.

Overburden drilling
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ODEX is the best method for overburding drilling. ODEX drilling can deliver both concentric and hammer penetration. Designs may be drilled deeper with concentric, wheras hammer penetration allows for easy drilling through fractured rock or boulders.

Installing casing
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ODEX drilling is excellent for installing permanent or temporary casing. After grouting or cementing is complete, engineering crew may detach the casing tube or allow it to remain permanently.

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