Solid Stem

Our solid stem flight augers allow for borehole progression using a minimum number of tools. These augers are an exceptional choice for drilling in stable soils including gravel and soft rock.

What is Solid Stem Auger Drilling?

The type of drilling necessary for a given project is dependent on a number of factors, such as the type of project, soil at the location, or whether water sampling is needed.

The solid stem method generally uses a Claw Bit to drive the auger flights into the earth. The equipment exerts force against the top of the stem while turning it into the soil. The Claw Bit dislodges the dirt, moving it up the flights as the drill perforates further into the ground. The drill bits employed by solid stem auger techniques are best for dry, dense soil conditions.

Solid Stem Advantages


Rapid Drilling

Solid stem augers allow for rapid drilling into soils containing large amounts of clay, offering a time and cost efficient option at these types of sites.



The solid stem auger does not mandate circulation fluids, offering a less challenging clean-up compared to other drilling methods.


Easy Sampling

In semi-consolidated soils, solid stem drilling provides easy sampling and the ability to bore down 60 feet or more.

How Do I Know I Need This Service?

Your site contains soft to medium formations
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Solid stem drilling is typically used in cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. This type of drilling is not effective in formations susceptible to collapse, or in materials below the water table. 

You need small diameter boreholes
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Solid stem augers are excellent for small diameter boreholes as they drill to a maximum width of 6 inches.

You need easy soil sampling
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Used widely in the mining, construction and geotechnical industries, solid stem auger drilling is a straightforward, consistent and reliable method for soil sampling.

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