Vapour Probes

Grassroots Drilling provides the most modern equipment to help extract vapour from soils efficiently and accurately.

What is Vapour Sampling?

Vapour sampling works by extracting and examining the off-gases of contaminants in the soil. This sampling is done through the establishment of a soil vapour well. These wells are generally set in place with quarter-inch tubing and a vapour probe fastened at the end. Typically, wells are installed with a sand zone beneath and a bentonite seal above, with cement or concrete finish at the top. Wells are put under vacuum and, with the help of the vapour probe, vapours are drawn out into a sampling receptacle.

Vapour Probe Advantages


Effortless vapour sampling

Vapour probes are an excellent tool for identifying and delineating contaminated areas. Probes assist with the rapid collection of soil vapour samples at the desired sampling depth while avoiding the hindrances of rod leakage and contamination.


Ease of use

Our vapour probes’ simple design provides both ease of use and vacuum-tight probing. The sampling train and all connections may be inspected to confirm leak-free standing.


Speed and accuracy

Circumventing management of inner tubing during the probing procedure allows for increased speed and accuracy of soil gas sampling.

How Do I Know I Need Vapour Sampling?

Detect vapour intrusion
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In addition to assisting with the identification of vapour intrusion on site, soil vapour sampling can help determine near-term safety hazards and acute health effects.

Define soil contamination
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The use of vapour probes allows for quick detection of soil contamination extent as well as down gradient migration of volatile organic compounds.

Determine landfill gases
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Soil vapour sampling can help establish the presence, concentration, extent and type of landfill gases existing underground at landfill locations. This method may also help pinpoint source and delineate plumes at other types of facilities. Contact us today to learn more.

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