Grassroots Drilling Inc.

Grassroots Drilling Inc. is your leading choice for extreme access, limited access, and every day drilling projects. Our fleet of powerful, versatile drill rigs can access virtually any area imaginable. From swamps to low ceilings and anywhere in between, we have the tools to help your drilling operation run smoothly and efficiently.

About Us

Grassroots Drilling Inc. assists our clients by reducing costs and mitigating risks through the delivery of effective, safe and economical operation of our fleet of drilling rigs. Our team is composed of experienced professionals and all of our procedures are executed with operational discipline. At Grassroots Drilling, we take pride in delivering services to exact specifications while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

What Sets Us Apart


Unmatched selection of powerful, multipurpose drill rigs.


Decades of experience in drilling operations across a wide range of areas.


Adaptable, innovative rig crew who find optimal solutions regardless of environment.

Serving Vancouver Island Region & Beyond

Grassroots Drilling brings best practices from years of experience to help our clients meet their operational goals. With our ability to customize packages for different types of drilling projects, we are Vancouver Island’s top choice for management and rig services. If you are looking to improve performance and reduce operational costs for your drilling project in British Columbia, contact us today.