Concrete Coring

Grassroots is pleased to offer concrete coring services. With state of the art equipment, your concrete removal will be handled with speed and efficiency.

What is Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring or concrete core drilling is the operation of extracting a concrete cylinder from a structure. This type of drilling employs a diamond cutting drill to slice a flawless spherical hole into any concrete formation. The procedure is dust-free, non-percussive and low-noise.

The favoured choice for cutting concrete, this method has applications in utility holes, maintenance holes, drainage, HVAC and structural testing.

Concrete Coring Advantages



Concrete coring allows for holes to be drilled at any depth or angle. With options for electric or hydraulic rigs, this method can be used for drilling in sensitive areas or in restricted spaces.



Concrete coring assists with quality control as the most reliable method for assessing the compressive strength of concrete. The procedure of testing these core samples has been standardized.


Minimally disruptive

The diamond core drill creates insignificant amounts of dust and noise while cutting through concrete, making this drilling method ideal for minimally disruptive procedures.

How Do I Know I Need Concrete Coring?

Measuring compressive strength
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The most common application of concrete coring, this method yields precise information about the strength of concrete.

Measuring density, water absorption, or ER
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Concrete core samples may be used to determine the density of concrete. Cores can also be tested to assess the water absorption of concrete, which offers particulars regarding the concrete porosity and interconnectivity of pores. Bulk electrical resistivity of concrete can also be established from samples, determining penetration level of chloride ion into concrete.

Working in confined spaces
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This drilling method is appropriate in confined or remote areas and sensitive locations, making it a viable option for a large variety of projects.

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