Grassroots Drilling Inc. is a BC based company, specializing in Environmental, Geotechnical, and Limited Access Drilling. We offer auger, hollow stem, autohammer, air rotary, and ODEX drilling services, providing an excellent sample source for any of our client's needs.

Grassroots also offers a wide range of environmental services, fully capable of implementing your remediation plans.


Our Vision

Grassroots Drilling endeavours to combine experience, performance and integrity to provide the best services for our clients. We are committed to constant evaluation of the environmental impact of our work, and the integration of environmental responsibilities and considerations into our daily operations and business decision-making processes.

Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling


Grassroots has a Foremost Mobile B-47HD truck mounted rotary drill rig which uses both 6" solid stem and 8" hollow stem augers. We conduct auger services to provide soil samples to our clients, bore holes, groundwater monitoring wells, vapour wells, piezometer installation, and more. Our Mobile rig carries an Atlas “Hammerhead” Autohammer which is available to perform DCPT (dynamic cone penetration tests) and SPT (standard penetration tests). We also offer split spoon sampling.


Limited Access Drilling


Grassroots runs an Atlas “Mole Rat” auger drill rig mounted on a Bobcat MT52 which can fit through spaces as small as 36" wide. The rig can be removed and carried by hand through even smaller spaces, as narrow as 24" wide, and operate up to 100' away from the Bobcat MT52. With a height of less than 8' tall, drilling can be performed indoors while keeping the power unit outside and eliminating all indoor emissions. This rig is extremely versatile, giving us the ability to drill in areas where a full size truck cannot.

Asphalt & Concrete Coring


Both the truck mounted and limited access drill rigs are capable of coring asphalt and concrete. Our limited access rig will take care of your indoor and sensitive area coring needs.

Environmental Services


Our fully trained crew can de-gas, decommission and remove all sizes of above and below ground fuel/oil tanks. In addition, we have a wide range of heavy equipment available for any remediation project you have. This includes test pitting, removal of contaminated soils, onsite treatment of contaminated soils, and more. Grassroots has proven experience in assisting consultants with implementing exsitu or insitu remediation plans.

Water Treatment


Grassroots owns and operates a mobile water treatment plant capable of capable of removing hydrocarbons, metals, and construction effluent. This unit uses an oil water separator with final polishing as the water passes through a two stage media filtration process. In addition, we can design, implement and manage water treatment for construction sites removing sediment and completing PH correction. The end result is a treated product that complies with all environmental regulations.


How It Works

Our self contained treatment plant uses three linear filter processes to clean and wash contaminated water sources. Our custom built rig allows for sampling throughout the process to ensure quality control and promote the most cost effective strategies.

Oil/water Separator: A coalescing Filter Media is used to remove liquid contaminants that are less dense than water (i.e. oil/grease)

Liquid Bag Filters: The wastewater is then pumped through two bag filters designed to remove particulate contaminants in suspension.

Carbon Vessels: In the final stage, water is pumped through a modified clay media and an activated carbon media removing any remaining contaminants.


  • Wastewater from industrial processes
  • Oil and chemical spill clean-up
  • Construction projects
  • Industrial and residential wash water
  • Boatyards



Limited Access “Mole Rat”

Mount: Bobcat MT52


  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • Height: 93"
  • Width (at base): 22"
  • Depth (at base): 24.5"
  • Pullback: 4,000 lbs
  • Pulldown: 1,600 lbs
  • Rotation Torque: 6,200 in lb

Foremost Mobile B-47HD

Mount: Ford F-550 Super Duty


  • Hydraulic Cylinder Feed
  • Drill Head: Hydraulic Motor Driven
  • Spindle: 4.625" Hollow
  • Cylinder Stroke: 68"
  • Pullback: 14,100 lbs
  • Pulldown: 10,600 lbs
  • Rotation Torque: 7,000 ft lb

Foremost Mobile B-61HD

Mount: International 7400


  • Autohammer
  • Air Rotary
  • ODEX
  • Drilling Height (Mast Up): 29 ft
  • Drilling Height (Mast Down): 13 ft
  • Pullback: 31,000 lbs
  • Pulldown: 23,300 lbs
  • Rotation Torque: 17,000 ft lb



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