Remediation / Site Works

Remediation / Site Works

Environmental remediation varies from project to project; Grassroots Drilling Inc can assist with this process of removing contaminants and other harmful materials from the surrounding environment. This can include removal from sediment, soil, groundwater or even surface water through a range of methods.

Excavation is one of the simplest soil remediation techniques. We can manage the excavation and transportation of contaminated material to the appropriate disposal locations, as well as backfill to geotechnical specifications. Along with excavations, we offer underground fuel and heating oil tank removal, disposal and backfill. Grassroots drilling also offers a variety of site work options. Whether you require brush clearing, site leveling, ditch work or erosion control.

Pump and treat is a well-established groundwater remedial technique. This process utilizes our mobile water treatment unit allowing contaminated groundwater to be treated and safely disposed of.

Grassroots drilling has over 15 years of Insitu injection services.

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