Geoprobe 6620 DT

Geoprobe 6620 DT


The Geoprobe 6620DT drill features: auxiliary power sources, a hydraulic hammer, Auger head, Auto drop Hammer, winch, and a well-planned work area. The rubber track allows this drill to be operated on concrete and pavement as well as off-road and rugged terrain. The Geoprobe 6620DT can switch from environmental to geotechnical work seamlessly.

Specifications and Tooling

Direct Push: 3.25’’ dual tube sampling,
2.25” Macro core sampling,
Sp16 water sampler,
1.5” expendable point injection rod.
Solid Stem

Hollow stem auger/soil sampling 60ft

DCPT -Dynamic Cone Penetrating Testing 

SPT – Standard Penetration Testing

Built in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, auguring and anchoring 
60’’ Track width, 8 ft long

Extended height to 13 ft, Folded height 7.5 ft 

7000lbs with 4.5 PSI ground pressure