Limited Access Atlas Mole Rat

Limited Access Atlas Mole Rat


A portable auger drill powerful enough for the most demanding jobs and small enough to get to them. Our Mole Rat Drill is perfect for limited access sites where a typical rig can’t go.  It’s suitable for drilling under an 8′ ceiling and can pass through a 36″ opening.  The drill is modular and can be mounted on a Skid Steer, Excavator or operated stand-alone, the head and mast can be separated when required to allow for access to the most limited spaces. 

Specifications and Tooling

Solid Stem, Hollow Stem, ODEX, DCPT, SPT 

Hydraulically powered rotary top head drive

2500ft.lbs of torque and 3600lbs of pull back

7 ft 8’’ in height

Modular Auger Drill


Our Modular auger drill features a design that can be broken-down into 3 main sections, allowing our crews to carry in and set up in almost any place imaginable. This drill has a 30’ capability with 4’’ auger and is run by remote powerpack and up to 200’ of hydraulic line.

Handheld Split Spoon


Specifications and Tooling

Advanced using Corded or Cordless Jack Hammer, Pionjar