Environmental Drilling



Grassroots Drilling Inc. assists our clients by reducing costs and mitigating risks through the delivery of effective, safe and economical operation of our fleet of drilling rigs. Our team is composed of experienced professionals and all our procedures are executed with operational discipline. At Grassroots Drilling, we take pride in delivering services to exact specifications while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Grassroots Drilling is committed to providing the right drilling technology and sampling techniques for the Job. We are committed to low environmental impact drilling operations and prioritizing safe and responsible practices. Our Environmental tooling options consist of: 4” – 6’’ solid stem, 4.25’’ ID Hollow stem, 3.5’’ DTH hammer, and 4.5’’ ODEX with all our standard and Limited access drills. We also offer 3.25” Direct push dual tube sampling and 2.25” Direct Push Macro Core sampling with our 6620 series Geoprobe..


Don’t let unforeseen circumstances slow down your drilling progress. Drill through rock strata, boulders and other obstructions with ease.

Vapour Probe and Pins

Grassroots Drilling provides both Vapour Probe and Sub-Slab Vapour Pin installation. Whether It’s Interior, Exterior or remote access, Grassroots Drilling has you covered.

We offer Standard 6” stainless steel screen probes with ¼’’ tubing. Custom sizes and tubing attachments available upon request.

The Vapour Pin has a variety of applications, including Sub-slab soil gas sampling, and de-pressurization studies/testing. The Vapour pin is installed into the concrete slab leaving a 1 ½’’ flush access cover.